What is WordPress and what is it used for

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WordPress is a website development platform with virtually unlimited development possibilities. It works well when we want to set up a hobby blog, company website and also a professional e-shop tailored to each type of industry.

Practically everyone can master the operation of this system. Do you want to change the look of your current website and improve its functionality? Let’s find out what WordPress is.

WordPress is software designed to create websites for everyone, both professional agencies and laymen. From the very beginning, the platform emphasizes accessibility, performance, safety and ease of use.

A basic WordPress CMS is simple and predictable, so you can easily start a project on a reasonable budget and develop it in the future. WordPress also offers advanced features for growth and success.

The main advantage of creating a website on WordPress is its simplicity and intuitiveness. Even new Internet users will quickly learn the basics of using a WordPress website, and that is the reason why we base all our websites on this platform. Thanks to the use of WordPress, you are able to edit and add new content to your website by yourself.

For whom is WordPress and What is it

The website facilitates communication with customers and business partners. If you want to run it professionally, get to know the WordPress platform better. WordPress is brilliant, fast, and its main advantage is simplicity and intuitiveness.

Even new users who are just starting to use a website will quickly learn the basics of using it. WordPress is a powerful tool, but it can be mastered without any technical knowledge.

What is WordPress? WordPress is the most popular content management platform. Once chosen most often by bloggers, it has become a dominant platform on the market for running a company website or online store. WordPress offers great opportunities thanks to a very large number of plugins and themes, thanks to which you can change the look and functionality of the website.

To easily use WordPress, you don’t need to have coding experience to create your own website with this content management system. To start working with WordPress, all you need to do is purchase a domain and hosting, where you install files downloaded from the official WordPress.org website. After proper installation, just log in to the panel and start working on your website using themes and plugins.

The remarkable simplicity and flexibility of WordPress made it an absolute leader in the world as a CMS. The numbers are the best proof of the size of WordPress.

What you need to know

WordPress is based on the democratization of information publishing on the Internet and the freedom associated with open-source software. WordPress, as an open source software, has been free since its inception and is licensed under the GPLv2 license.

The idea of WordPress is supported by a large community of people cooperating and contributing to this project. The WordPress community is friendly and inclusive, and the passion of the platform’s creators drives WordPress success, which in turn helps achieve user goals.

People with limited coding experience can use WordPress as an “out of the box” solution, and developers as a base for creating even technologically advanced projects.

WordPress in numbers

  • 42% of the internet is powered by WordPress and is growing steadily
  • There are approximately 1.3 billion websites in the world, 455,000,000 of which are WordPress
  • WordPress sites account for 14.7% of the 100 most important websites in the world
  • The WordPress platform has a 61.8% share of the CMS market
  • WordPress sites get 20 billion views per month
  • WordPress users publish 70 million new posts each month
  • 30% of all online stores run on WordPress (WooCommerce)
  • On WordPress.org, you’ll find over 4,000 free themes
  • More than 54,000 free plugins can be downloaded from WordPress.org
  • The largest commercial themes store is Themeforest, which has more than 47,000 themes for sale


It was founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The platform was born out of the need for an elegant, well-designed personal blog publishing system on the evolving internet.

The open source WordPress project has evolved over time, very quickly becoming the main CMS platform for creating websites all over the world.

WordPress.org VS WordPress.com

Novice users often have trouble with understanding the difference between the two WordPress forms and their different operating philosophy.

WordPress is available in two options:

WordPress.org – a CMS platform developed on the basis of Open Source, i.e. free software that must be downloaded and installed on your own server.

WordPress.com – ready-to-use blogging platform, where registration and subscription are required to create your own website.

Choosing the “right” WordPress theme depends mainly on your needs. If we need a simple blog, without advanced modifications, WordPress.com may be suitable.

However, if you intend to create a more advanced website, or plan to develop it in the future, you should use WordPress.org. Only thanks to WordPress.org, you can create a website with any functionality, design and use an unlimited number of plugins and themes.

Why to choose it?

Ease of use

WordPress is very user friendly CMS system. The administration panel is clear and well planned. Both settings management and updates are understandable even for a beginner. Content management does not require coding skills. WordPress has a very convenient and intuitive to use editor for placing new content, graphics, videos, category selection, etc.


The WordPress engine is developed by volunteer programmers from around the world, and in addition, thousands of professional companies, web developers and freelancers create new themes (templates, skins) and plugins every day, and there are already thousands of them.

WordPress has a lot of necessary built-in functions and can be easily adapted to your needs. WordPress is known for its plugins and themes that allow you to easily change your blog into a company website, e-shop, or even an extensive portal.

A website on WordPress is, above all, innovation and simplicity. WordPress is a modern website development platform focusing on aesthetics, compliance with online standards and usability. It is an ideal solution for websites for companies, blogs and online stores.

Online store

WordPress in combination with WooCommerce is also a great platform for an online store. WooCommerce is currently the most popular solution for online stores and has the largest e-Commerce market share in the world (25%). It is a platform that is easy to implement, has virtually unlimited possibilities for further expansion and offers numerous extensions such as payments, shipping, etc. Move your store to WooCommerce with us.

Full mobile control

By choosing WordPress as your CMS, you have full control over your website. Managing the appearance and functions of the website is extremely easy also on mobile devices – tablets and smartphones.

Thanks to the WordPress mobile application it can be used on mobiles and tablets. The application makes it easy to create, edit and publish content on a website or blog, reply to comments or check statistics. The WordPress mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone.

Friendly positioning

It is safe to say that WordPress likes the Google search engine with a similarity. WordPress likes SEO, and open source code allows developers from around the world to create plugins that facilitate the activities of SEO Tools, but not only them, because specialists create their activities towards people who need more automated SEO functions. Those that will speed up the work related to positioning, and even relieve most of their performance. In a word, creating a website on WordPress makes SEO activities easier.

WordPress is mobile friendly. By choosing this platform, you can be sure that your WordPress website meets the standards necessary for positioning and indexes new entries.

The built-in functions can be expanded with plugins like Yoast SEO, which will turn WordPress into a professional organic positioning platform and improve the visibility of your website in Google search engine results.

No fees

WordPress is completely free. You can download it, install it, and even modify it. Most importantly, the WordPress administration panel reminds you about free system updates and updates to all plugins.


There are many myths on the internet that WordPress is unsafe. You are probably wondering if WordPress is a safe solution for you? WordPress has had a bad reputation for being vulnerable to some, and they say it is an inherently unsafe platform.

However, potential trouble may be due to the fact that WordPress users do not follow proven security practices – Hardering WordPress Practices.

Because WordPress supports over 40% of all websites, and with hundreds of thousands of combinations of themes and plugins, it may not be surprising that the gaps exist.

The use of outdated WordPress software, plugins of unknown origin, inadequate system administration, bad management of credentials, lack of the necessary knowledge about security on the Internet is a particular risk. However, there is an international community around the WordPress platform that reacts to threats and cares about the platform’s security.

WordPress and WooCommerce

Thanks to the WooCommerce plugin, WordPress is the most popular e-Commerce solution in the world. With its flexibility and access to hundreds of free and premium extensions, WooCommerce now powers 30% of all online stores – more than any other platform.

The main advantage of creating an online store on WooCommerce is its simplicity and intuitiveness. Even new Internet users will quickly learn the basics of using an online store, which is why we base all our websites on this platform. Thanks to the use of WordPress, you are able to edit, add new products and content in your online store.

WooCommmerce main task is to transform a WordPress website into an online store. The plug is available in the Polish language version, and the mechanism of its operation and operation is relatively simple.

In the WordPress panel, you can enter products, define their parameters, such as descriptions, photos, price, inventory, and people browsing your store will gain cart functionality and will be able to order the offered products in a quick and convenient way.

The WooCommerce plugin allows you to create a full-fledged online store based on WordPress, from simple to large independent online stores.

What kind of websites you can build on WordPress?

You can create almost any type of website on WordPress. This one platform really has many possibilities. You can use WordPress to create websites such as a blog, company website, shop, etc.
For example:

  • WordPress Blog
  • Company Websites
  • Portfolio
  • E-Commerce
  • Online Cources
  • Online Booking System
  • Social Networks
  • Forums

Is WordPress free?

WordPress is a free CMS. You can download, install and edit it at any time. This has contributed to the huge success of WordPress. WordPress is released under the GNU (General Public License), which means you can download, edit, personalize, use and even sell it. This known as open-source.

However, in order for a WordPress website to work and be visible on the Internet, you need additional services that will ensure the maintenance of the website. They are, among others domain, hosting and SSL certificate.

Is WordPress safe?

You’re probably wondering if WordPress is safe? For the most part, yes. WordPress has had a bad reputation for being vulnerable to some, and they say it is an inherently unsafe platform. Most often, however, this is due to the fact that WordPress users do not comply with proven security practices –Hardering WordPress Practicese.

When it comes to WordPress security, there are many things you can do to keep your website secure so that hackers and vulnerabilities do not affect your website, shop, or blog. A particular risk to the risk is the use of outdated WordPress software, plugins of unknown origin, inadequate system administration, bad management of credentials, lack of the necessary network and security knowledge among WordPress users.


WordPress is a leader among content management systems. Its huge popularity is due to its ease of use, high level of personalization and the effectiveness of SEO options. Currently, over 40% of all websites uses WordPress.

Hope you now understand how powerful a WordPress website can be. WordPress is a unique content management system worth your interest. Creating such pages is much easier and less time-consuming than on other platforms.

The platform also has many other solutions that made it the most-chosen platform for creating websites. Meet WordPress.

Use WordPress to create your new website. If you want to quickly implement a modern, visually attractive website, which you will be able to manage yourself.


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