Hello reader,
I’m Vasili, welcome to my site WP Admix. Since 2014 I am working from home as a WordPress Developer.

I use various types of internet tools on a daily basis for about 7 years on my Programming Career and working as a Themes and Plugins Developer, I actively participate in the development, of companies I’m working and applying my knowledge to growth the businesses of both side.

Some time ago I’ve made this site in mind of my own Online Business and from time to time I will post staff with Online Businesses like, Hosting, Email Marketing, Making Websites with WordPress and everything what is connected with WordPress and I will apply my knowledge to my Online Business to help other people to grow their own.

Working from Home is giving me more freedom, more freedom equals, more time for my family and yes family for me is priority, I am a happy Father and Husband.

You can find me on my LinkedIn Page.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you will enjoy it and will find something for you.


Some articles, may have affiliate links, also I am adding some banners with affiliate links on some pages, which means that if you click on that links you will be redirected to sales page and in case of product X purchase I will make some affiliate commissions.